Welcome to IBSF 1976 was our start in introducing to the Saudi Market an alternative building material of insulated panels and the modern prefab ready-make houses.
Building Speciifcation

High Quality Products Specification

The Standard Building Specifications is subject to material availability, and could be adjusted (where applicable) according to client's preferences.

The IBSF Housing and Building Prefabrication System is constructed with new materials by utilizing manufacturing procedures and construction details according to IBSF standards to meet all applicable international standards. The specification hereunder describes the basic construction system of IBSF Housing and Building system for portable units.


Standard Size          : 12.00m (L) X 3.62m (W)
Standard Heights   : 2.50 / 2.60 M.  (external)
Floor Load                : 250 Kg/M2
Wind Load               : 120 Km/hr.
Floor Height            : 47 cm approximately (from ground to finish floor)



Steel Frame Chassis is supplied with four (4) lifting points and designed for on trailer movement. The Chassis is constructed with 2 main runners of I-Beams (different sizes) joined by full weld to spacers of I-Beams and U-Channel Beams. All Steel parts are cleaned and coated with one coat epoxy primer.


The floor is supported by square tubes 50 x 50 mm. spaced at 40 cm center -to- center, and topped with 15 mm or 18 mm treated plywood for wet areas and normal plywood for dry areas. Floors is finished with 4 mm carpet for rooms and dry areas and 2 mm vinyl roll for wet areas. All floor openings are sealed with waterproof sealant (where water and drainage pipes enter toilets).


Walls, Partitions & Roof panels are constructed with IBSF Sandwich Panels according to the Sandwich Panel Specifications.



IBSF Doors are constructed with Aluminum frame (White/Silver/bronze color). Infill with 38 mm Sandwich Panel with weather stripping, and equipped with aluminum handle and brass locks.


IBSF Windows are constructed with Aluminum frame (White/Silver/bronze color), horizontally sliding, and equipped with 6 mm single strength iced glass with fly screen.


IBSF Houses and Buildings are suitable for operation on 110/220 or 220/380 Volts, 60 Hz. 3 Phase, 5 Wires electrical installation.  Electrical Service may be connected via PVC Junction Box with 5 ways connector provided on the outer wall of each building.

Surface mounted Panel Boards and Circuit Breakers suitable for different uses, and Neutral green marked buses are also provided.
Each unit is equipped with 2 x 40 Watt fluorescent lights fixtures for Rooms with prismatic diffuser. Fluorescent Lights 1 x 40 Watt are provided in other areas.  All Lights for wet areas are waterproof.

IBSF Houses and Building Wiring system are flushed in PVC Trunking or concealed in PVC Pipes.

Lights                      : 2.5  mm2   and   15 Amp. Circuit Breaker
Receptacles            : 4.0  mm2   and   20 Amp. Circuit Breaker
Air-condition           : 6.0  mm2   and   30 Amp. Circuit Breaker
Water Heater          : 6.0  mm2   and   30 Amp. Circuit Breaker


Each unit is provided with wall mounted Exhaust Fans for ventilation system with comparative Air Volume of 960 M3/hr.  Additional ventilation will be by means of windows as per the unit design.


IBSF Houses and Building Plumbing System incorporates the following features:

Cold Water Lines                : PVC Pipes  - Schedule 40-
Hot Water Lines                 : CPVC Pipes   - Schedule 80-
Drainage/Waste/Vent.     : PVC Pipes   - Schedule 40- 4"
Water Test Pressure          : 4 Bars

All units will be equipped with the following 'fixtures' according to the design and location required:

WATER CLOSET  (English or Arabic) :  Type 'Vitreous China'  with built in traps, and equipped  with  cleaning  pipe  and valve.   English WC are supplied with complete accessories according to the design criteria.

WASH HAND BASIN: Type 'Vitreous China' with complete accessories such as bottle trap (chrome plated) and drain of corrosion resistant, including mirror, soap holder and cloths hanger.

SHOWER COMPARTMENT: Metallic shower base with drain and water restrictor, and wall mounted rod type water mixer.

Ablution/Toilet unit is equipped with soap holder, paper rack & toilet paper rack.

The units are also equipped with Water Heaters (Optional).

Kitchens are supplied with lower and upper cupboards.

All above specifications and items are subject to change whenever required without further notice.

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IBSF New modular homes nail quick construction, high efficiency, hot design. The architec is known for his talents in contemporary design.
IBSF New modular homes nail quick construction, high efficiency, hot design. The architec is known for his talents in contemporary design.
IBSF New modular homes nail quick construction, high efficiency, hot design. The architec is known for his talents in contemporary design.
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